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So I had a chemical peel done for the first time ever. The process has been expensive and kind of annoying, but more exciting than anything else. Today is the second day after I had it done and my face looks like this:
I was told by my dermatologist that it was going to be mild and that the side effects weren't going to be so notorious, but maybe since it was my first time getting it done my skin is taking a bit longer to cope. At the moment it is reddish (not as red as the first and second days but still a red). The areas which are starting to peel (mostly around the mouth) are sort of itchy. The other areas (which look shiny) feel tight and uncomfortable when I try to eat or open my mouth to say anything. I don't really care about all these things because I know that looking good is expensive and you have to put up with certain things. 

Anyway...here's sort of a short summary of how it's been so far for me.

Day #1
Arrived at the dermatologist's office late in the a.m. and the whole process lasted about 30 minutes. My skin stung a bit when the chemicals were being applied on my face, but what bothered me most was the strong smell. Doc passed me a little fan and it helped a lot. I arrived home soon after with a yellow tinged chemical on my face which I had instructions to leave on for 4 to 5 hours and then wash off with a mild cleanser. I did and then smoothed one of the products the doc prescribed on my face (see below), which I did like 5 times that day due to how tight my face felt. Made sure to sleep face-up.

Day #2
Woke up with tight face, washed with mild cleanser and reapplied lotion throughout the day. Face was still quite red and skin felt tight, but did not start to peel until the end of the day. At night (once the sun went down), I went out to get the second product prescribed by the doc and I did notice people around me looking at me funny. Not only did I go out with no makeup on, but with my face looking like I had a super bad sunburn! That felt very strange for me. A bit after having sprayed on this second product twice and having dinner, I noticed pieces of skin starting to peel off! After washing with a mild cleanser and reapplying the first product, I did my best to sleep face-up again.

Day #3 (Today)
Woke up with even more skin peeling off (mostly around mouth area), but my face is still pretty red. Washed with a mild cleanser and reapplied first product. I have sprayed on the spring water several times after, which feels nice and soothing. Not planning on applying any makeup until after the 5th day, which is what the doc recommended. Not going out into the sun either. 

Products prescribed!

1. Avène Cicalfate Post-Procedure Skin Repair Emulsion
*Notice the word ¨emulsion¨, which is different to ¨cream¨.
Repairs, soothes and prevents infections that could be caused by bacteria. This one is especially formulated for skin that has been irritated or inflamed by any sort of procedure.

2. Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray
Provides instant relief, soothes and calms sensitive skin. This one can actually be used by anyone after a workout, to soothe razor burns, to set makeup, etc.

For more information about Avène products, visit their website at: www.aveneusa.com

My own tips:
  • Never scratch, pull on pieces of skin falling off.
  • Avoid going out into the sun (if you are wear a good, hypoallergenic sunblock like [THIS ONE].
  • Don't wear any makeup except maybe some mascara or lipstick and take it off gently.
  • Remember to remain well hydrated, both inside (drink water throughout the day) and out (reapply soothing/hydrating products continuously). 
  • Remember to PAT instead of RUB in whatever you do to your face (whether it is washing, drying, applying lotions, etc.)
  • Sleep face-up.

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*Other images: Roald Dahl's ¨The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me¨ book (link), Black picture frame (link), giraffe picture (link), giraffe skeleton sketch (link)

Would you wear any of these?

Mutiny blue ¨Can´t touch this¨ T-Bar Court Shoes

The colorful flower patterned fabric is not enough. I need another one right on the front of the shoe!

Clear heel iridescent lace-up bootie

There were many cool things in the 70´s. Iridescence and clear, plastic heels didn't make it on the list. 

Studded sandals

Covering plastic straps with prickly studs does not make them look any better!

Hi vamp slip ons

Get out of my face with this! Leopards are not pink.

Motorcycle-style boots

I don't know what these are, but they are DEFINITELY not motorcycle boots. Motorcycle boots are cool. 

Tasseled velvet slippers

If I were a genie and I only had these shoes, I would stay in my lamp forever. 

Heel jellie sandals

Why jelly shoes are still getting made is beyond me. 
Check out this interesting short film created by Casey Neistat for the New York Times. It made me want to eat out even less than I already am!
Read the actual New York Times article at [link] and check out the filmmaker's site at www.caseyneistat.com.
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